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6 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Legs
6 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Legs If you train in a commercial gym, you've probably noticed most gym go-ers don't train their legs. You might be the only one using the Power Rack for Squats and maybe you've seen guys with a huge upper-body but toothpick legs. Popular excuses: "I run for my legs", "My legs are too big already", "Squats hurt my knees", ... Whatever the story, not training your legs is the biggest training mistake you can make. Here are 6 reasons you should train them. 1. Without leg strength, the real world will knock you on your ass. Pushing your neighbor’s car when it’s stuck in the snow. Hauling bags of mulch out of your trunk. ... read more
Johnnie Jackson
Johnnie Jackson born Jan 5, 1971 in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America
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